#TODO Items

Items that need to be done and were skipped for one reason or another

  1. Drill cotter pin holes in bungee pin for spring brackets
  2. Torque bolts for rudder pedal hold downs
  3. Drill Cotter pin holes in nosewheel axel
  4. Torque Nosewheel Axel
  5. Torque Main wheel Axels
  6. Move cage brackets to the front. This is MY MISTAKE. The photo assembly guide doesn’t match my plans and I did what the guide said, not my plans. Grrr.
  7. Powder coat cage brackets
  8. Remove nose wheel and drill drain hole in the strut near the back
  9. replace nose bearing 
  10. Safety wire Viking spring bolts
  11. Tension nosewheel spring
  12. Safety wire bottom bracket nosewheel bearing bolts
  13. Drill and rivet tiedown at the 3rd nose rib from the outboard

14. Safety wire ALL hinge pins.