Drilling out rivets

I have these brackets on the wrong side for the new door design. I did what I saw in Homebuilt help in this case even though I know better. As Jon says all the time “CHECK YOUR PLANS”.

These brackets really need to be powder coated, so I’m thinking of buying a coater and doing it myself.

Also got the nuts on top of the nose gear spring. Doesn’t make sense to adjust the tention here until the engine is mounted so I left it as a TODO item.



I’m REALLY tight on space to get everything in my 20’x20′ garage. The only thing left in the crate now is the wing skins and spars.

Designing a sling for those now and then on to building some wings!

Also had a little but of a scare with the windshield. Looked like it had a big scratch in it. Julie and I pulled some of the protective film up and it turns out it’s just a scratch in the film. Phew.