Tail fitting

Got everything aligned via a laser measuring tape and some high tech tools like popsicle sticks

Then drilled out the brackets, thank god for those 14 inch flexible drill bits.

Next up is the brackets for the vertical tail and test fitting the whole tail. Progress!

More misc

It’s Memorial Day weekend and it’s “finish these 5 things that no one would ever notice. But I’m here at the airport putting one foot in front of the other.

Stole this idea from the internet. Noggin protection.

Access panels

Very happy with the access panel work today. Adding two on the side channels where the flaperon controls go, and two in the baggage floor.

Dremel tools are so useful!



Seat pans

In my mind, these would take a few minutes. They took hours. They didn’t quite fit and it was very difficult to cleco and rivet in the control channel. My back is protesting now.


Seats, seatbelts and fixing mistakes

Finally getting around to doing the seats. I’ve not decided how to finish them. I’m sure I won’t leave them as lawn chair style 🙂


Been planning on four part harnesses for a long time. Viking Aircraft has the brackets I needed and they were a snap to install.


Then I finally fixed these brackets which I had on the wrong side. Yay for mistakes!