Nose wheel and strut

Finished the nosewheel and strut minus the holes in the axel for the cotter pins.  Next is the bushing for it that I had to order a tap for. The whole thing will get test fitted Tuesday when I swing by the hangar.

Moving the fuselage to the airport

Big thanks to my Dad for his patience, engineering help, and truck. Also big kudos to Fuzzy Dave in our EAA chapter for the use of his trailer which was custom built to move small airplanes. 38 miles from my garage to the airport and it went smoothly.


Bearings and bottom plate

Got the bushings and bottom plate for the gear and riveted a good part of the firewall to the fuselage. Pictures tomorrow when I actually start lining up and drilling the nosewheel fork and making the mods for the Viking Bungee replacement.

Cockpit supports

A hangar opened up at KAVL at the end of the month. So I’m switching to getting the fuselage ready to move. My garage is getting pretty cramped, so this is great timing for this.


Wheel on

Now that one is on, the second should be easier. The documentation is non existent so it was a lot of figuring stuff out.