I’m REALLY tight on space to get everything in my 20’x20′ garage. The only thing left in the crate now is the wing skins and spars.

Designing a sling for those now and then on to building some wings!

Also had a little but of a scare with the windshield. Looked like it had a big scratch in it. Julie and I pulled some of the protective film up and it turns out it’s just a scratch in the film. Phew.


The Gear Fittings don’t fit

After some back and forth with Zenith on this issue, it turns out that the gear strut fittings I received are missing a bend on the back side of both of them. As a result they don’t meet the fuselage correctly and need to be replaced.

These are supposed to have a 14 degree bend in the aft end of them and mine have almost none.

Just to be sure, I measured the angle on the plane and it’s awefully close to 14 degrees just like it’s supposed to be.


So those two steel parts are taking a trip back to the factory. If they need to replaced, meaning they can’t bend them, that’ll be a shame because I had them both powder coated and that isn’t cheap around here.