Busy work and family day. All I got done was the axles. Hard to believe those four AN4 bolts are all that hold those things on.

Spring gear, kinda a pain to get on

The main gear comes pre notched which is an upgrade from having to measure and do this yourself while keeping everything aligned. The rubber buffers need to be notched and the bracket that holds the gear on needs to be drilled. That part is easy enough, with a drill press in my shop.

Hard part came when we lifted the gear up to fit it inside the bolts hanging from the bottom of the plane. The pre-drilled notches in the gear we’re about 1 mm too close together. So there was a lot of grinding a little bit off of one side, and then the other side to keep them even until they could just fit nice and snug.

I’m sure this seems easy, it required more physical effort then we were prepared for in the heat. Nevertheless Julie and I got it done. Now for a shower and a nap.

Bolts and fuel line routing

Finished all of the bolts in both gear strut fittings and torqued to the specs in the Construction Standards Guide.

2018-06-17 15.52.322018-06-17 15.52.43

Since I’m going out of order because I need it on the main landing gear to move it around in my 20×20 garage so I can build the wings in here, I needed to button up all of the things on the back of the seat mounts. There are several holes drilled now for the traditional fuel line routing, but since I’m putting in a center console, I may not use them and route through there instead.



Also need to put in the seat belt mounts since they rivet up through the gear channel.

2018-06-17 16.18.56

Seat pans

Since I need to get the plane up on the landing gear to make space for the rest of the build, there’s a lot of related things that need to be done and riveted before access to some areas becomes more difficult.

Gear strut fittings are back

Got new fittings from Zenith and they look much better.

Sad that I have to paint them.

Also started drilling and riveting the rear wing attach points, which I had held back on earlier in the build.

Right wing started

Flipped a coin and the right wing goes first. Got all of the ribs in the right place and the left ones marked and put away.

Next step is to pull these off, drill to 30, then 20, debur and cortec.