More controls

I’ll go back and tighten these up and add the cotter pins to the castle nuts when the wings are on.

Flight controls

My weekday progress is on a tight “before work” schedule. Today I started working on the contols in the cockpit.


A buncha L angles

Measured and cut a bunch of L angles for the skins on both wings.


I’ve seen a lot of soltions including tools you can buy to draw enterlines 10mm from the edge of something. Mine is slightly cheaper since it’s made of a scap and took about 30 seconds to make…


And I’m putting the cart before the horse here, but I wanted to get motivated so I started thinking about what the cockpit layout will be.


Wing Nose Skin

Don’t have time? Find time. Between 6am and 8:30am today I pulled the nose skin on the second wing over and started work on all of the skin angles. Chip away a little at a time.