Drilling out rivets

I have these brackets on the wrong side for the new door design. I did what I saw in Homebuilt help in this case even though I know better. As Jon says all the time “CHECK YOUR PLANS”.

These brackets really need to be powder coated, so I’m thinking of buying a coater and doing it myself.

Also got the nuts on top of the nose gear spring. Doesn’t make sense to adjust the tention here until the engine is mounted so I left it as a TODO item.


Right wing root and spar work

Working on the right wing spar, ribs and root pieces. Have I mentioned this week how much I hate the stickers on these parts?

Expanded a BUNCH of holes to 20, marked and deburred them. These still need to be disassembled before riveting for corrosion protection.

2018-08-16 19.43.19

Also, this doesn’t fit…

2018-08-16 20.12.36

Nose wheel… almost

Drove out to the hangar today only to find out my bottom bushing is not made to the plans specs. Supposed to be 94mm and it’s 98mm. Put in an email to Roger about it. Sigh.

I’d be less frustrated if I thought Zenith was really committed to their builders. I’m starting to wonder the more I go down the rabbit hole.

Nose wheel and strut

Finished the nosewheel and strut minus the holes in the axel for the cotter pins.  Next is the bushing for it that I had to order a tap for. The whole thing will get test fitted Tuesday when I swing by the hangar.