Starting to think about colors

I had forgotten that I did a vector drawing of the Zenith a few years ago. It’s a nice way to take a look at what the colors might be.

I this isn’t the right green or yellow, but it was my initial thought about a scheme.

Likely to change my mind about 12000 times.

Installing the elevator pulleys

Installing the elevator pulleys this morning. It’s a measure twice cut once kinda deal. Really not something I want to have misaligned. It was more like a measure 2^8 and cut once kinda deal

8 Bit Cockpit- my sprites even look sorta like a Cruzer

I’m editing a video on this, but I’m putting a Commodore on the passenger side of the cockpit. All in on the retro.

While the weather has been bad, I’ve been learning 6502/6510 Assembly code for this project. I think my first crack at the sprite for the Zenith side view is pretty okayish 😉