How long will it take?

I was just sitting with my airplane plans to come up with a list of what I’ll work on the next 10-20 hours. It started to feel like it’ll never get done, despite the fact that it really is starting to look like an airplane at this point. It’s a multi-year project that can sometimes feel both exhilarating and overwhelming in the same breath.

I was reminded of an article in the June edition of Kitplanes magazine which put me back on track mentally. The quote I copied down from the article titled “How long will it take to build?” was:

Two people leave Philly and drive to Seattle (this is neither a joke nor a math problem). One travels the interstates and grabs a premade sandwich at each gas stop. The other travels state highways to see the sights and partake in one-of-a-kind restaurants to taste the flavors of the country. They both arrive in Seattle, but they each had a vastly different experience. That’s how it is with homebuilding. It’s the destination and the journey.

If your sole focus is the destination, even 100 hours spent building will be too many. You may want to consider a nice flying example of the homebuilt you want, even avoiding the temptation to buy a partially completed project to save time, as they are often more work than starting from new. If you are interested in the journey, the question “How long?” holds less sway. If you are interested in both the journey and the destination, find the design that suits the kind of flying you want to do and pack your bags— you’re in for an adventure.

Happy Thursday

Last week

I started going to the hangar at 6am and then working until 8:30 or 9am when I then started my day job. This made for much better progress during the week and allowed me to work when it was cool outside.

Also took ALL of the remaining parts to the hangar. Lots of little progress this week.