Flight controls

My weekday progress is on a tight “before work” schedule. Today I started working on the contols in the cockpit.


A buncha L angles

Measured and cut a bunch of L angles for the skins on both wings.


I’ve seen a lot of soltions including tools you can buy to draw enterlines 10mm from the edge of something. Mine is slightly cheaper since it’s made of a scap and took about 30 seconds to make…


And I’m putting the cart before the horse here, but I wanted to get motivated so I started thinking about what the cockpit layout will be.


Wing Nose Skin

Don’t have time? Find time. Between 6am and 8:30am today I pulled the nose skin on the second wing over and started work on all of the skin angles. Chip away a little at a time.


680 holes

This morning’s progress beginning at 6am was 340 holes on the bottom skin and main spar each drilled twice to final size. I think I can skip my shoulder workout today. In case you were wondering, a Bosch drill can easily drill 680 holes on 1 and a half batteries.

Great progress this weekend

Got the wing ribs and both spars riveted. Wing is now flipped over and already working on the bottom skins!

Got up at 5am and worked at the airport until about 10 both Saturday and Sunday. Feeling great about progress now.