Elevator horn

I decided in the month of September to have a goal of getting all of the flight controls finished and maybe even rigged.

So today is elevator horn work

Not one minute of progress

Somehow have not felt motivated even a little bit to work on the plane the last 8 weeks or so. I promised myself that this project would be something I wouldn’t feel guilty about, so just keeping everyone updated about it.

I’ve been doing a lot of miles hiking so it’s not like I’m sitting on the couch. The Zenith project will resume when it resumes. Or maybe I’ll sell it. We’ll see.

Horizontal Stab Improvements

There is a technical bulletin out on the horizontal stabilizer on the Cruzer.

Mine is still removable so the fix is fairly simple. After several frustrating attempts to get the parts from Zenith I just bought what I needed to do the fixes myself from Aircraft Spruce. (Arg).

Took off the tail…

Next is a hinge extension.

And then finally I need to make a skin doubler for the front. I bought a 4×4 sheet and will make it out of this. I needed and excuse to have a little scrap left over for some cover plates anyway.

Customized tools

I forgot some holes in a very tight spot. Had to take a stubby drill bit and cut it to the shortest length I could manage and still make it turn in my right angle attachment on my drill.

I love it when hacks work out!